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    I've seen several posts regarding the Plasma Cam and other automated plasma cutting outfits. They do a great job. Most of the work is thinner guage material.

    Here is something for the heavier work. This table is set up with a Hypertherm G3 plasma for up to 1.25" on SS and two O/A torches. The larger torch can be set up to cut 10" steel.
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    Very similar to the burning machine that my friend owns.There`s not to much that it won`t cut for our needs,he does my burn work.How do you like the versatility of this set-up?


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      Stick rod,

      Very versatile set up. It's in a shop I used to do some work for. They have always been good about letting me use everything from the Scotchman, the press, huge wet cut saws, and welders to the burn tables. We have been friends and competitors for close to 20 years. I send him my big shop jobs and he sends his mobile work my way. Things have slowed down, but that's okay too.


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        Whoa! Cool!
        Save our species! Lower metal prices!


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          Sounds like you and I have the same arrangement.We`ve been friends for more moons than I care to count,he does my burn,shear and brake work and I to will send jobs his way if there to large for me and I get his portable work.Seems since he has set up his shop he doesn`t like to do portable work anymore.It`s a good relationship,helps us both out.