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  • Bending Brake

    Has anyone here built the bending brake in the welding projects section here on millerwelds? Just wondering how it turned out and if you'd build it again.
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    look on page 13 on projects titlled < a scroll bender and brake> I built one useing his pitures. I will put pics of mine on tomorrow


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      hi PJW

      Here is a link to the bender/brake that I built. I looked at a few pics from around the site and made the best with what steel that I had. Mine is a little on the heavy side I am thinking that I want to use this bender for the sheet metal maybe up to 1/8, and build a nice press brake for making brackets and such.

      Good Luck and Please post pics when you start your build.

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        Here's the pictures of the bending brake.
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