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Another gym bench finished

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  • Another gym bench finished

    Really pleased with how this one turned out. Customer was estatic. Ive made a few before that have been functional but always wanted to change something up. On the 5th try, I think I got a winner
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    Miller 350P
    Miller Econotig
    Milwaukee Dry saw
    Evolution Dry saw (for sale)
    Scotchman 350 cold saw
    7x12 bandsaw
    1910 ATW 14 x 72 lathe
    fridge full of adult beverages
    Sirius radio
    callouses and burns a plentysigpic

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    that reminds me, i gotta start working out.

    It looks awesome to me!!


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      Very Nice!!! I like it.


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        I like the diamond plating on it, caught my eye. Very nice work


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          looks great .i wish my weight bench looked like that.
          only thing is you cant do a incline/decline press
          i think i like the weight rack the best
          my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
          feel free to P/M me


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            Nice bench. Looks great and functional.

            Here's one I made a couple years ago. I loved the cages I saw at Elite FTS and Sorinex. So I picked and chose the best features of each.

            Welded with a cheapo sears flux core welder, but it was perfect for the thickness I was working with.

            Never finished the back half. It was supposed to be a half rack front and a full cage back. Maybe later...

            Miller 330 A/BP


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              What metal thickness did you use on this project and how much weight do you design it to hold?
              MM 175
              Miller Spectrum 625
              SO UB-5
              Baleigh MPB-10
              TP Ring Roller