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Southern California--Where to buy?

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  • Southern California--Where to buy?

    I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and put down some coin for a Dynasty 200 DX. I don't know much about welding, never had any formal training, just trial by fire with stick and MIG. I plan to weld aluminum, titanium, steel, and magnesium alloys (motorcycle valve covers, case covers) if it's weldable. I play around with sportbike motorcycles on the race track and every time I turn around it's a new lever, footpeg, engine casing, frame repair, or wishing I had the tools to make my own bits and pieces to haul it all around.

    I've been to Sims-Orange in Santa Ana and they seem like good folks, but I don't have any experience with them. They deal Miller and service it, so it seems like a good place to start a business relationship. I've shopped Ebay for prices, which seem great, but not convinced it's a good idea in the long run when **** hits the fan and I need repairs or advice.

    Any suggestions, pros and cons, thoughts, would be appreciated. Thanks. Ken.