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welding aluminum diesel tank and mm 211

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  • welding aluminum diesel tank and mm 211

    i am new here, also an inexperience welder, i plan to purchase the mm 211 soon, i hope that is the best choice, i will be welding 50% aluminum and 50% steal no more than 1/4" thick. if you want to view my project it is on my url below. advise on this would be great. i originally planned to purchase the mm 180 until i read about the mm 211, the fact that i can use it on 110 volt was a big plus.

    in any case here is my question, do you know someone in Los Angeles, Ca. that can weld an aluminum diesel tank, it is a simple work of relocating the diesel sprout, the tank is brand new never put fuel on it, it would be great to find a place that can test it after a weld. or should i just do it myself? also some advice on mm 211 would be helpful.
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    Fuel tank

    You should use a tig not a mig for the tank. Aluminum tig is not for the inexperienced!!
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      Does the MM211 have a spool gun adapter, Ive heard of alot of people that have tried running aluminum through the gun with little success.

      I have alway tig welded dirty aluminum tanks, dirty aluminum with mig is not my specialty when it has to be sealed.

      Hopefully a few more will give their opinion.


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        I wouldn't say that this repair couldn't be done with GMAW but it would not be my first choice. Aluminum can be tricky enough in the best of circumstances but when you are talking about repairing fuel tanks, and the like, that need to be sealed then I would use GTAW every time.

        I would most certainly find someone who felt capable of doing the repair and turn it over to them. There is a pretty neat resource called The Yellow Pages and I think they even have a section there under "welding".

        Btw, I have never welded anything called "steal". Is it something new or exotic? And what in the world is a "diesel sprout"?
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          Originally posted by lanceman73 View Post
          You should use a tig not a mig for the tank. Aluminum tig is not for the inexperienced!!
          ok, thanks