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Glad I brought my welder in

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  • Glad I brought my welder in

    Hello All,
    Friday I came in to work to find that the Night shift techs had lifted the product conveyor belt and put it on a stack of blocks to raise it up.
    These blocks where in the center of the cross member,and the belt was wobbly. Good thing I brought my welder in. I welded the blocks together so that they could be used under the wheels. (see first pict). Filler was 3/32" 70-S2 @ 70 amps.
    Then I looked at the light shield made of cardboard and Duct tape. I took a few measurements and cut and welded one from some scrap SS. (see second pict), Filller 3/32" 308L . Still need to drill and mount to the end of the machine.
    Attached Files
    Miller Dynasty 200 DX
    Miller Spectrum 375 X-TREME