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    Originally posted by BWS29128 View Post
    You guys are all closer to the mark than you realize. !
    I hate to say this to a old dogface; but, "Thank you sir".

    I was just joking around earlier, but never the less, I feel vindicated.

    Chains are darn handy on cars too.........
    Back around 1970, the '68-69 Cameros had a problem surface with the higher performance engines in them torquing up & out of the motor mounts. When it did it, the throttle would jam wide open----- and off ya go until it hit something big enough to stop it, or ya ran out of gas. We're talking engines of 300-- up to 500 horsepower in a car, that really should have been limited to the old 145 6 cylinder.

    The factory (warranty) modification, was to put a snubber chain from the frame to the engine block. When the motor mount tore apart, and the engine tried to climb/twist up & over the one on the other side,,,,, the chain stopped it.


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    "Gone are the days of wooden ships, and Iron men.
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    Circa 1920.
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