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  • Round Bale Trailer

    Has anyone built a round bale trailer/dollie? The trailer I have seen holds one bale, and it scoops the bale off the ground. It would be a good welding project, but probably not much less expensive than buying a factory built model. What do you think? Are there any plans available? Thanks.

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    I have never seen this but from your description It sounds simple basicly you would have to have a trailer with a scoop of some sort mounted near the rear of the trailer and it would scoop up and hold the bale
    This is an automotive discussion forum that has some great infromation


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        Cant help you on the trailer ,but I did see an old school bus converted to haul round bales,Guy bought the bus at a county auction and left enough cab on for the driver,made a flatbed out of the rest.Worked great


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          the ones we use carry 8 at once 12 if you double stack. thier made out of 8" pipe that goes down the center and as smaller pipe welded on both sides roughly 5' apart. one has wagon style tongue and one has gooseneck style. let me know if your intersted and I'll take some pics for you. thier both loaded right know but should be empty by friday.


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            Gnuse Manufacturing in Arlington,Nebraska,builds a great one.
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              round bale trailer ideas

              heres one and another

              two good sites to use for reference or to order one ready made