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small projects with horseshoes and other things

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  • small projects with horseshoes and other things

    trying to get some projects together that are small and crafty my uncle sells stuff like that so i want to get a few things to him to sell for me and hopefully ill make some extra money.
    serious welder lol!!!!

    hobart 140 handler
    dewalt mitor saw
    makita grinder
    dewalt saw
    dewalt drill gun
    a nice hammer
    and some clamps

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    Coat rack, where the shoes are joined put a shoe at 90* to hang the coats on
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    Be safe

    Give more than you get and
    you will get more than ya need.
    This is true for the good and bad
    that life puts out.


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      Horseshoes: coatracks, hooks for hanging, welcome sign.

      Wrenches, pliers, old tools: brackets, critters, cabinet handles / drawer pulls

      Bicycle parts: fences, flowers, clouds (from the rims), cactus, more critters, any flat line artwork that can be converted to metal

      Various nuts and bolts: cars, trucks, planes, trains, motorcycles, even more critters

      Car parts: flowers, still more critters, barstools