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Syncrowave 250 setup questions

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  • Syncrowave 250 setup questions

    I have a syncrowave 250, and I just bought a WC-115a control box for a spoolmatic 30a gun. I set the machine up according to the WC book, and I cant get it to weld a bead. I am getting arc from the gun, but it wont stay steady. I checked all connections and consumables cleaned the **** outof the aluminum and still no stable arc. This is how I have it connected :

    + from welder to WC115 control box
    - from welder to work piece
    Argon & regulator directly to the spool gun
    3 prong 115v plug for WC control plugged into grounded plug recepticle

    I see a second setup that provides 115v power through the 14-pin plug and use of a voltage sensing clamp. I have used another WC-115 and spoolgun on my machine that used the 14-pin setup and it worked fine. So my question is does this sound like the way I should wire my WC box, or am I overlooking something on my initial setup?

    According to the manual and a Miller Tech, the 14-pin plug only provides power in lieu of the normal 115v 3 prong plug. Any help would be appreciated greatly!

    Confused Coastie

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    syncrowave is cc and most migs are cv not sure if that helps.


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      "syncrowave is cc and most migs are cv not sure if that helps"

      That's what I'm thinking -
      Does the Miller Tech know that you're trying to mig with a tig ?

      If this works let us know I have a SW250.


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        Very important!! Make sure you DO NOT have your high frequency in start or cointinuous. You will smoke your feeder control. Hi freq control has to be off.

        While I would not recommend putting a WC-115 and spoolgun on a syncrowave it can be done. I'm trying to go thru my head and it sounds like you have it hooked up right. As boldfab said, you normally hook a spoolgun up to a CV power source instead of a CC. You will only be able to achieve spray transfer results. Almost impossible to achieve a short circuit transfer.
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