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  • Miller BlueStar Jr Aux OutPut

    I just bought a Miller BlueStar Jr Welder Generator. I was a little disappointed when I got it home to find out the Aux output is rated at 110V DC. In the manual it says to run only light bulbs and power tools rated for this type of output. Does anyone have experience with running different devices on thls 110V 10 amp DC output. Also, the schematic shows rectifiers and a filter on the output. If I took these out would it be possible to modify the circuit to 110VAC 60 cycles or would the line frequency be non 60 hertz standard? Thanks for the advice.

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    Seriously, can you take it back to the store? If you change anything like you mentioned, you'll probably void your 3 year warranty. Otherwise, I would take it to and electronics guy who works on engines like that. I wouldn't see why you could make it work!!!
    good luck
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