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Still Trying With Wire Feed Problem

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  • Still Trying With Wire Feed Problem

    Thanks so much for the help everyone I really appreciate it!

    I have tried the larger tip and it is a bit better but still stopping (and on the last attempt even stopped with the tip off). However I did notice as I moved the wire through the gun with the tip off that there are very slight curves in the wire. I then loosly held the wire as it came off the spool before going to the rollers and realized that the curves exist before it even gets into the rollers or liner. In the morning I am going to pull the spool and install a new one. If that doesn't help I will pull the liner out. Can you tell me if there are certain brands of wire known to be bad so I can avoid buying them? The one I have on now is Forney.


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    Try cleaning the wire guide. The 1st one as it comes off the spool. Mine gets a build up and causes the same problem. Take it out and run a piece of wire through it to clean it.
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      Check your other post.
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