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  • welding table thoughts

    I"m new to the forum, and wanting to build a nice welding table with my Millermatic 200 . I"ve selected a 48 inch by 75 inch 1 1/8 inch thick top, with 5 inch I beam frame. wanting to know how far to set my I beams back from the edge for the best clamping and utilitization. This will be my first project with a MIG machine, .030 wire 75/25 gas. Thanks for your time and ideas.

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    your going to hear this a lot so i'm goi ng to be first.
    " 1 1/8 plate with .035??" any way i'd go like 4" in that more that most c clap throats.
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      I'd set it back at least 4" unless you have deep throat clamps.

      Since you are just "tacking" the top to the base .035 should be plenty.

      Check your PM I'll send you a link.


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        Hi cbonz

        Just my 2 cents here. The front edge of my table is built with a piece of 3"x3/8" angle. With the inside corner it only leaves me with a little over 2" to clamp to and so fare that has been plenty. I wanted to use the drive in style clamps, but I dont have the ability to drill large holes in the piece of plate that I used for the top. I did find a thread that showed a weld on clamp that works very well for me. Good Luck and dont forget to post pics for us.


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          My tables range from about 3-1/2" - 5"

          Check the throat of your deepest clamp, I probably wouldnt go more than 6"

          Dont use a continuouse weld either because you might get some warpage.

          The edge may turn downward causing what ever you clamp down to lift off the other side of the table a 1/16" or 1/8".

          I had a 1/2" plate table that this happen to years ago.


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            My bench is 4'x8'x5/8thk.Understructure is 4x4x3/4" angle iron and it has 4- 1000lb casters under it,bench weighs about 1000lbs.So i can still put 3000lbs on it. All understructure set back 8" all around.I,ll get a pic.
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              My Table

              My Table 4'x8'x3/4", 4"x4"x1/2" Square Tube Frame, Storage Chest, Power Outlets and Other Options.
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                Originally posted by JSSEC View Post
                My Table 4'x8'x3/4", 4"x4"x1/2" Square Tube Frame, Storage Chest, Power Outlets and Other Options.
                I like your massive cart thingy with drill, bits, clamp, radio and a bunch of other stuff.
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