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    Hello everyone im new to this forum, and have posted a couple of times, and guessed its time to introduce myself. Well ive live on a farm for most of my life and started wlding on our broken machinery when i was 14. Spent about 6 months in a pressure welding shop when i was 16,and just welding inbetweeen until i went to collage to take welding and just graduated in april and have been welding structural steel ever since. so i guess enough of my life story. Ive been reading a lot of posts on this board for a while and can see there are alot of knowledgable people and im hoping to tap into some of that knowledge.

    My question is my dad has a shakerpan for his john deere 7721 combine and its cracked. The pan is made of white metal and im wondering what would be the best way to repair it. I have Oxy/Acet, Mig and a new Miller Syncrowave 200, so im guessing would it be best to braze it, or tig weld it, and if so what rods should i use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanx a million Shaun

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    Shaun, I don't have a clue as to how to fix what your asking about, but welcome to the forum.
    sigpicJim Young


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      Welcome to the board! sorry but I ain`t got no idea either on what to weld it wityh either sorry

      Inferno Forge



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        I think you may want to clarify as to what type of metal it is. Check to see if it is magnetic. I am assuming that it being white it is probably aluminum or white cast iron which I doubt as it would be heavy. Hopefully one of the guys on this forum has dealt with a situation like this. It could be steel.

        Good luck