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30A spoolgun run off a millermatic 35??

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  • 30A spoolgun run off a millermatic 35??

    I'm new to this forum and I was wondering if I could run a 30A spoolgun off a millermatic 35?? This is the story. I'm a unhappy owner of a 1995 millermatic 250 with 30A spoolgun. Has most of you know the 250 is kind of a dud. I purchused it new in 1995 after using many millermatic 200's and 35's. I figured the 250 would have the same weld qualities with more amperage. I was wrong. I have the common burnback problems and I'm not happy with the type of weld puddle it produces. It was only a month ago that I discovered on this forum that all 250's had these problems. An older retired buddy of mine has a millermatic 35 and I've used it at his shop for many years. Recently he has been having me do all his welding so I asked him if he wanted to sell his 35. He said yes. I told him that I would have to find out if my spoolgun would hookup to this machine then we would work out a price and I would sell my 250.
    Thank you

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    Here is a chart ....I know it doesn't show what you asked,but it could help you out.
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