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Wire basket help needed

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  • Wire basket help needed

    Hello all,
    I am planning a project that will be a custom SS wire basket constructed with 1/8 or smaller wire. Has anyone made something similar and can offer any advice?
    Thanks in advance,
    P.S. I have a MM 140 and will most likely use tri-gas.
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    What he said. Try


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      Never made one from SS..... But I have made several from Ti

      I would not have fun doing it in SS using a 140A GMAW... not that it can't be done but you will nat have a lot of control and at some point you will pull the trigger for a second too long ans will end up with a pile of metal on the table, and a hole in your basket.


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        Reggie: Expanded metal or mesh won't work for this-it is basically a custom
        form for frying food. Parts of it will be constructed out of perforated sheet though.

        mikeswelding: I surely will check out can always use a good souce for supplies!

        Fatfab: That's what I was afraid of-any suggestions on settings?

        Thanks again to everyone,
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          Find a net man

          Look around the fishing boat docks,ya might find a guy that repairs nets.He would be able to weave one up in no time if you had a ring already attached to a handle and a small spool of the stainless wire .