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  • Spectrum 375 questions

    I'm new to the board, (first post), and am impressed with all the knowledge here. As such, how bout some advice?

    Last year I purchased a Spectrum 375 with hopes that I could do some artsy type cutouts and for general cutting. I use anything from 24 ga. up to 3/8 steel, aluminum, and copper.

    My first cut(s) with it was on 1/4" mild steel. Wasn't too pleased with the results. Rough cut and a lot of slag. I wrote this off to being new to the machine and needing practice. However, this continued for the next several months. Also, my electrodes weren't lasting very long. I replaced them several times during this period. My air supply is triple filtered and is at about 5.5 SCFM at the load.

    I discussed this with one of the most personable Miller reps at this year's Sun-N-Fun and he checked my serial number to see if it needed the main pcb replaced. Sure enough, it did. To shorten this story, I had the board replaced by the local warranty repair station and now I have the following experiences.

    Again, I'm having rough cuts with a lot of slag. Also this unit is supposed to have the drag tip as standard. When I drag, the tip sticks to the work. Strange. Any ideas? If I can't figure it out, I guess I'll take it to Sun-N-Fun next April and have the Miller guys check it out.


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    Seems fine, in theory

    The setting and inputs seem fine. My first thought was not enough air, but Miller only specs 4.5 SCFM. (I assume this is the 375 Spectrum vs. the 375 X-treme)

    Can you post a few pictures of the results you are getting?
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      I am interested?

      I am almost ready to order an extreme, I would like to know what you find out?
      There is one guy local who has a 375 and just loves it?


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        Old Sporty;
        welcome to the board.
        i would definitely have the unit looked at but keep in mind cut speed has a lot to do with the results, too slow can cause some real problems. i found on some of the more complicated projects where i have to slow down a lot to keep on track i get a lot more dross in the back. i also wire brush off my torch tip regularly to keep dross of it and keep it clean, seems to help.
        the 375 is a well spoken of cutter with lots of users on the boards and they for the most part are very happy with the unit. the extreme getting really good review as well as the old 375.
        i would try so different speeds to see how that effects it as well as the angle you are holding the torch.
        good luck i hope it cleans up for you.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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