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SuitCase 8RC or 12RC

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  • SuitCase 8RC or 12RC

    Im looking to buy I wanted to get some thoughts on the subject. Needs to be portable but at the same time something that I can use in the shop.

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    I say get the 12RC. More wire choices and better price for wire.
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      If you go into tight places I recommend the 8, I have a VS and a RC. The wire situation has never really been a issue, but I am very aware that it could.

      I have to be able to get into some tough places, with limited space. I have even had to get a smaller person to get some stuff done. My robust size being the problem. A 12 would not have made the cut.

      The first time you have the load and ladder you will know what I am talking about. Now with that said if you can live large the 12 would be a logical choice as it really is not much more money, and does expand your choices. I have used a 12 that was used in a shop environment and it was a great machine. Made me buy the RC8...
      Good luck with your choice


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        I'll make you a good deal on a used 12vs X-treme. Pm me if interested.
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          it comes down to if you need a small case. i like my ex-treme 12
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            I have both, I like the 8Rc because its smaller but when I'm on bigger jobs using alot of wire I break out the 12 Rc because bigger spools cost less.

            However theres no difference in performance theyre both great.


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              Originally posted by Showdog75 View Post
              I'll make you a good deal on a used 12vs X-treme. Pm me if interested.

              Pm me with the price if your still selling, thanks!
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