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HH-210 with DP3035 Tomorrow

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  • HH-210 with DP3035 Tomorrow

    I'll be ordering the HH-210 with DP3035 spool gun tomorrow morning. Does anyone have any idea if I can buy a regular 3035 spool gun extension kit (25' cable-extension kit) to use with the DP3035? I realize I'd have to extend it on the gun-end as opposed to the welder-end, but will it work?
    Clint Baxley
    Baxley Welding Service
    Rembert, SC 29128

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    As far as I know, no, you can't. The DP spool gun uses a different set up for the connection. It may be possible with extensive change outs and modifications, but as a plug and play, no.

    I am very sure you will be quite happy with that setup. I have been using mine for over a year now and am still extremely pleased with the way it works. When I recieved the field test unit, I wasn't thinking it would be anywhere near as good as my MM210. It was a very pleasant surprise to see it not only was as good, but even better in many respects. Aluminum was one of the even better areas.

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