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looking to build a service body

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  • looking to build a service body

    I have 97 chevey 2500 that I would like to set up to haul one of my portable welders. Im dont know how I should build my body. I want it so I can keep my welder out where air can flow around it but at the same time have room to store the torch tanks and all the rest of the tools that I have to carrie with me. I also would like to find some ways to store my cables so they wont get stolen.
    Thanks a Million.

    IF you have any plans Send them to

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    I'm guessing you already have a truck and its a SRW from the chevy 2500 you posted. This will limit your options.

    My first thought was an L-Pak style body where you use a standard utility body on a long frame chassis and set the welder and tanks on a platform between the cab and body. You would need to lengthen the frame rails and drive shaft for this at a minimum.

    My 2nd thought was to get a heavy service style body, similar to what equipment repair guys have and set the welder on top of the side box. But this requires dual rear wheels.

    My guess is that some sort of flat bed with top mounted boxes and under mount boxes will be the simplest and most economical.

    You chassis is a big limiting factor as it won't be too hard to overload a 3/4 ton truck with body, machine, tanks and tools if you are not careful.

    Good luck.