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Pivot Pin source?

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  • Pivot Pin source?

    I have a small tractor I'm wanting to build a grapple attachment for to mount on the loader arms. I'm having trouble finding some greasable pins for the pivot points. Most of the pre-made grapples I've seen have about 1.25 pins. Anyone have a clue where to get anything like this? Thanks.

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    Just make them.


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      Most of our equipment has the grease zerk in the boss not the pin (few exceptions) the pins are just plain round stock with a hole for a bolt/retainer clip and a C clip/head on the opposite end. You can get standard pins and bosses at most heavy equipment shops. We just bought all new pins and bushings for our exacvator, and bought new bosses for one bucket so we can modify it.


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        Try this:

        I use These guys will make any pin and/or bushing that you can think of. They are fast and reasonable.


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          Just buy heavy tubing for the bosses, round bar for the pins, saw the tubing to the lengths you need, driil it for grease fittings, and you are done.
          Plus you will still have some money in your pocket.
          There is absolutely no need to spend money for excavator quality pins for something like a grapple on a tractor.
          Go look at a factory farm loader/ grapple and you will see what I mean.


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            J hall : I agree 100% with your idea of the heavy bosses & DO Not drill the pins. We run a machine shop & consistently see pins that are drilled for grease failing.Drilled bosses are the way to go for sure.
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