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    opps! i forgot ,

    WELCOME aboard JollyRoger!

    Inferno Forge



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      Originally posted by wireburner View Post

      I have learned more from mistakes (trial & error) than books I have a few welding books but not that many , mostly learned from my cousin
      But **** you've only known how to read for what... a couple of years
      Dewayne Sullivan
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        "But **** you've only known how to read for what... a couple of years "
        Which is what?? A couple of more years than what most weldors read?? I question Journeymen where I work, I don't think they finished 1 welding book...EVER!! I'll mention something to them, they get all pissy and tell me why am I trying to use big words!!!
        yeesh...just trying to keep us "little" apprentices down...
        I'm not late...
        I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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          Hey! I know, I know....I should carry a camera with me all the time
          But here it goes....yesterday I followed a trailer on the way home, (I've never seen a boat trailer wiggle SO BADLY!!!), to see if it would stop by the marina and saw this trailer picking up an old "grandpa" type boat. About 22' long, at LEAST 7' wide and looked like it would weigh at LEAST 6,000LBS. Fiberglass looks like there were WAY too many layers added on over the years!!!
          Trailer: frame 3" channel iron, with 5 cross frames (3" channel also), dual axle, and all the cross frames were SOOO rusty, I had to watch them load the boat to see if the trailer would just collapse!!! Bummer it didn't, 'cause now it's on the road again!
          Where are the cops when you want them!!! All I could think, was "where's Dave!!"
          I'm not late...
          I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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            Originally posted by down19992000 View Post
            i agree with what blackfoot said. i think that everyone should think a little more before they type (my self included) or at least reread each post before the hit the submit button.
            Speaking of spelling it's blackwolf.

            Sorry, just joking. I couldn't resist.


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              hh 187.:
              powcon 300 st
              cheap chinese plasma cutter
              miller diversion :


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                Hey! I know, I know....I should carry a camera with me all the time

                funny you say that. i started doing just that about 3 months ago, i almost never leave home without it. ya never know what you might see that you want to reproduce later for fun or in this case a trailer that would be a neat one to show.
                my mail box truck project was from a pic i took on my way home from the VA hospital. ya just never know what ya might want a pic of.
                thanks for the help
                hope i helped
                feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
                summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.


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                  Bert, I think I saw that trailer in the Wal-Mart parking lot last night, like you I wish I had my camera with me. The trailer was made from 4" channel and the bottom web of the channel was completely gone. They had a piece of 2"x3" angle clamped to the frame with u-bolts to mount the spring hangers. There is just way to much scary stuff traveling down our roadways. Dave
                  If necessity is the Mother of Invention, I must be the Father of Desperation!

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