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Flat bed tow truck rebuild

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  • Flat bed tow truck rebuild

    We just got this truck in today. Customer just bought the truck and wanted us to undo all the patches.

    The main aluminum beams have been repaired to many times, I told him the proper way is for us to put new beams, sliders to make it tight again.

    So we ripped. the bed off today and started hacking, the new beams will arrive tomorrow and we will have it back on the road by Friday, However they said they have also had a problem with the rear wheel lift so I'll look at that before we put the bed on.
    Easier to work on without the bed.
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    That looks like a nice job, Post a pic when your done with the repairs.


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      Looks like fun!
      It's great when a customer actually wants to do it right instead of just one patch job after another.
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        It wasnt a fun job, The guys finally got every thing cut loose, We used an air arc in comination with a gas powered saw.

        We had an emergency job to do today on the road so I dont think it will be finshed until monday.