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Re-Posting Question on Water Torches (I mistated my question earlier)

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  • Re-Posting Question on Water Torches (I mistated my question earlier)


    I apologize for the misunderstanding that I created by my asking about Water Torches.

    What I really mean are the devices that generate oxygen and hydrogen through electrolysis of water.

    I did not mean to ask about water cooled torches or other equipment.

    In fact, I do plan to purchase the Spectrom 375 plasma cutter and the Dynasty 200DX TIG welder.

    Those two instruments are quite adaquite for my needs (artistic welding and brazing of metals.

    What I was asking about are these hydrogen and oxygen generators that are sometimes called water torches.

    I have been frustrated in trying to find anything that can handle metals between 1/16th to 1/8th inch thick. Currently, I don't see Miller having such a product. Does anyone here work for Miller and do you know if there are any plans for a hydrogen/oxygen generator on the horizen

    I have also come across some allegations on line that the whole 'water torch' gamie is nothing by snake oil pushed to the gullable. Can anyone out there provide any wisdom?

    If I don't find anything, I plan to try to use the Dynasty on lower current to do TIG brazing.

    Thank you


    Mark Allyn
    Portland, Oregon