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Pics of shop stove, roller, pond & house

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  • Pics of shop stove, roller, pond & house

    Here are some random pics. There is the shop stove that I mentioned over on Finneys post.

    A roller I built about 6 months ago which will roll 36" wide plate, The rollers are made out of 3" DOM tube 1/2" wall, I'm not sure of all of its capacities but it will roll some pretty heavy stuff for a hand roller.
    I'm guessing I could roll 36" of 10 Ga.
    We arced a pc. of 1/2 x 6" to do a little test when it was done, You just have to do a little at a time.
    I finally got around to painting it, I will put the 2nd coat of paint tomorrow.

    There is my new house I'm building here at my shop.

    Because I needed fill dirt for the house I decided to dig the pond which is rouphly 85' wide x 135' long and 26' deep. If you look you can see the posts that we put in for the dock.
    I'm not in to walking up mucky sides so I'm going to install a ladder on the dock along with some type of swing.

    It sure will be nice for me and the guys to jump in the pond after work on the 90 degree days.
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    Very should be proud! Lots of luck with your new home!

    Thanks Becky

    Miller Matic 210

    Syncrowave 250

    Lincoln Weld Pac 100


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      Those tracks in the pond our from the Coyote Ive been trying to catch in my dog size box trap.

      He's pretty smart, he wont go in the cage for the food so I've been setting the food closer to the trap day by day trying to get him used to it untill hes not afraid any more.

      Not looking to kill it just want to catch it for the kids to get a close up view.

      I hear them howling all the time but have only seen them two times in the 8 years that Ive been here.