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In need of inexpensive projects!

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  • In need of inexpensive projects!

    New to the forum, sure am glad that I did find it! I am a a metal shop teacher at the high school level and I am always looking for inexpensive projects that my students can build and take home. Whether it be metal art for mom or a functional project for dad. If you have any ideas that would be great or links to send me in that direction. Thanks for time and reading my post.

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    Check out:

    and/or search for "horseshoe" and you'll find a bunch of projects, watch for the attachment icon in the listing and click on that to see the attached pictures. Contact a local farrier to get horseshoes. Around here they have so many used ones, they'll give them away.

    You can get some ideas from these photos I've referenced above - there may be others on this forum. Why not challenge the students with the idea of developing the most creative project using horseshoes? It's really surprising what people think up with these things.
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      Here's a little something that would suit.

      Mine's aluminium, but no reason you couldn't adapt it to be made from steel.



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        Here is 2 I did years ago
        Click image for larger version

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        The bike took a bit, OA tourch.
        The man MIG, 1 hour, the rotor is just a stand.
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          Northern california? Ideal environment for wine racks.

          They can go hog wild with ideas, ranging from the industrial rebar rack, to elegant, simple designs using rings of pipe to support bottles by the neck.


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            Make a heavy duty nutcracker. Takes about 24" of 1" square tubing and a hinge.

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              Christmas tree stand

              It was manufactured in Salem Oregon by Ed Hoem (Hoemkraft Ornamental Iron). I was unable to locate a website for that company but located it about a year ago.

              Here's a newspaper article about Mr. Hoem

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