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Welding, hydrotesting a compressor tank

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    Originally posted by Blondie_486 View Post
    That's been my experience as well. I worked at an ASME shop operating under the U,R & S stamps. We always hydro tested at well above operating pressure.

    Do you work at the refinery off Raff Rd.?
    Yes i am there until April 1st when i "retire". 10 years here is enough...Bob
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      Originally posted by engnerdan View Post
      Build a smoker or a grill, do not attempt to use it! I just scored a 30 gallon tank from work that started leaking, when we cut it open there was crud in the bottom almost 2 inches deep the entire length of the tank. It had been drained but the drain was off set from the middle and there was always water left in the tank.

      This is why the drain should be at the end of the tank, and the tank should be set with a slight pitch toward it.


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        Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
        Yes i am there until April 1st when i "retire". 10 years here is enough...Bob
        Well let me wish you a happy retirement.

        I used to live in one of the trailer parks, I was able to see the refinery (while I was in Ohio that is). I had a trucking operation consisting of 7 trucks and used the trailer as a crash pad when I was in the area. I hauled a lot out of the Timken Gamby mill, mostly pierced tubing going back yonder where I had my real home on the side of Magazine Mtn. in Yell Co. Arkansas (before the clintons became famous). With the brutal winters we have here I sure do wish I was back there!!!
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