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  • Cutoff Saw Stand - Evolution 355

    As you can see from my recent posts, I'm catching up on submitting projects I've worked on for past year or so. Here's another one that has served me well.

    This cutoff saw stand is not nearly as flexible and fancy as some with the accordion wings that move. But, it works for my light duty home shop applications. I have an Evolution 355 mounted on the stand. Here's the design features:
    - Rolls on two rear metal non-swivel wheels using the rotating handles in the front. The front two support feet provide enough friction so the table doesn't walk around when cutting.
    - Because my shop floor is slightly uneven, I installed an adjustable support foot in one of the front leg. That stops the wobble that's usually found in a four point fixed roller design.
    - Has a collapsible & expandable extension wing table. Figuring out how to do the offset support was a real pain, but I finally got it to work. The wing also has a second tube extension for longer work, haven't used the second wing extension much.
    - The stand tends to be top heavy, so I put a 3/4" plate on a shelf at the bottom of the saw that adds ballast to the saw. I've never had a problem with instability.
    - Addition of the adjustable rule on the wing has been really useful for a quick cutoff, or roughing in the length before measuring it accurately with a tape.

    For what it's worth, after using this Evolution cutoff saw for about two years, here's what I like about it in a light non-commercial shop:
    - it's fast and easy to cut a wide range of shapes, a fairly powerful saw.
    - it's got a big bite for a circular saw, I've cut 6" pipe.
    - has a small foot print, taking up a small amount of floor space
    - the saw is well built, strong frame castings & solid machined vise.
    What I don't like:
    - it's noisy, really noisy (note the earmuff)
    - it eats saw blades, I've gone through 3 blades in two years (I screwed up one by cutting hardened steel)
    - the blade seems to have a bit of wobble that contributes to a small amount of uneven kerf, though I don't think it's much worse than a bandsaw cut.

    In a perfect world (eg money's no object), I'd also have a horizontal bandsaw along with this cutoff saw and my vertical Delta bandsaw.

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