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    Car Thief

    Originally posted by NewMexSmoke View Post
    Appreciate the input. I guess until we start hanging car thieves, like we used to hang horse thieves.......

    If I come up with something interesting I'll post it.
    I have read in some magazin that the owner has instaled a pair of big hancuffs just over the cluch and brake pedal, hidden from the theaf. When the thieff try to steal the car, the handcuffs fall and grab the legs. The legs are locked 5 second latter a sound alarm is on making big noise. 10 seconds later a CO2 botlle is opened underthe seat of the driver.
    I also saw a sound alarm that is a pre recorded voice message "This car is being steall , please call the police"


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      yeah, i know what you mean about the pain of losing a dog. Not many creatures will lay their lives down for you without a second thought. My girlfriend breeds and shows the bullies as well as boston terriers. Both are great breeds. Like you said, most people could learn a lot from their dogs. Most dogs are a great judge of character too, if my dogs don't like you, there's probably a good reason. Sorry to bring back painful memories, but he's in a better place now, chasin' rabbits till his hearts content!