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Help With CWB Bend test GMAW

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    WOW!!! THIS IS COOL Job placement/contracts AND fee advice!!
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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      Originally posted by man of steel View Post
      where are you doing your tests smokey?are you going through a school?I would like to see the quality of your welds ,iam a welding contractor and am always looking for new talent and i dont mind teaching to bring you up to speed so drop me a line and well talk ,

      I am doing my tests at the northern ontario welding college. I have done some welding before and also was in sheet metal trade for 3 years. I am best with stick welding but am also good at mig and flux. I can do tig as well although not something i like to do for extended periods(reminds me of sowing). Im also good with a torch and running equipemnt. So far I have my CWB all position stick, flat fluxcore and hopefully next week flat mig.

      I also think i found out what happend with my root pass, when restarting i came back into weld from end of plate but aimed away from joint then tried to adjust back into the crack. I am practicing now to start from behind the stop in the face bend then quickly move up to start and go. Hopefully this works better for me. I look at the coupons today and they were flawless except for the one little crack.

      Makes me mad but its only the first test ive faild and most students only get 3 tickets when there and i already have 5 so i think i did alright. I want this ticket though cause im really good with process and i see lots of jobs that want mig ticket.

      As for a job, well i am always intersted in good work for fair pay. I would even move if job was worth it. I am 29 years old now with lots of metal working experiance and a mature attitude.

      Anyways thanks for all your replys with my thread. I like this forum good for welders to have a forum like this, even with canadian members