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Welding cart suggestions, advice?

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  • Welding cart suggestions, advice?


    I am looking for some help setting up my new welding cart, I have a Shopmaster 300 with 22A wire feeder on a shop made cart right now but have recently picked up a HF251 high frequency unit to TIG with. We will also be getting a water cooler to go with the high frequency unit. I'm planning to build a whole new cart as the one it is on now is not that well constructed and isn't big enough to house the new boxes.

    Does anyone have some suggestions on how to layout this cart? I would like to keep the form factor small enough so it is easy to move and not wider than the shopmaster power supply.


    Miller Shopmaster 300 CC/CV AC/DC
    S22A Wirefeed
    HF251D1 High Frequency Box
    Coolmate 3
    Miller Spectrum 625 Xtreme

    Lincoln Idealarc 250 DC CC/CV
    LN-7 Wirefeed

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    I would make the setup on the floor arrange the power supply and watercooler on the bottom and then stack the Hi freq and feeder on top of the others. then figure the size by the best configuration for space and operation of all components. Next use a large enough tubing for the lower frame that it will support all the weight and upper structure enough for the cables and supports for handles and such.

    Good luck,


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      My version

      Here is a link to some pics of the one I built. Being new, I too wanted to "roll my own". The pics could be a bit more detailed (I took to heart the photo restrictions of the forum). I made mine just a couple of inches wider than the machines, & tall enough for some clearance over the cooler. I also took into account the cords/hoses and made it long enough so that it wouldn't bend them. I made my own axle for the solid rubber tires on the rear and built spacers to hold the axle so that the cart would sit level when the front casters were installed. Since the bottle is so heavy, the rear axle needed to be pretty far back. I also wanted the axle to be long enough to provide stability while rolling around without being so wide that it wouldn't fit in the garage. Overall, I am satisfied with the design. The one thing that I did not construct was a front handle - a pretty small omission, but would have been nice to have. I made the cable hangers out of some 5/16 round rod and TIGed them to the heads of bolts - they also work well.

      I am intentionally not quoting any dimensions, since (in this case) I built this one on the fly. I like doing things that way when strict dimensions are not required.

      I hope you enjoy building yours as much as I did mine.

      Jerry in Anchorage


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        Like muskt I built a cart for my XMT power source and S-22A wire feeder on the fly with just some hand drawn sketches to guide me. It has a lower shelf/rack that could be used for a TIG cooler in the future. The cable hangars pivot out to allow removal of the cylinders (Argon and C-25). Don't know if this will help you, but check out post #2 under .
        Miller XMT-350 CC/CV
        Miller S-22A wirefeeder
        Bernard 400A "Q" gun
        Miller 30-A Spoolmatic w/WC-24
        CK 210 & WP-18 GTAW torches
        Hypertherm Powermax 30
        O/A Rig, Enco 4x6 bandsaw, etc.