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    Hello everyone.Been lurking here for about a year now,decided Id join up tonight. I work for Vulcan Materials Co.driving a haul truck although I did work in maintenace for about 5 years. All my welding has been stick but I want me a wire welder for my shop. Looking at the MM211 or maybe a MM252. Most of my welding will be on 3/8"s or less, but every once in a while I weld on some of my farm equipment that is 1/2 ". I just dont want to buy a welder then wish I had got one just a little bigger. I have already learned alot from you people and hope to learn a lot more. Take care and see yall around.

    J T Frick
    Gold Hill,NC

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    welcome. what kind of farm epuitment do you have?


    "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes"

    Crappy stick welder
    Victor supper range II
    Makita grinder
    more stuff i don't feel like listing.


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      Welcome JT. One rule always applys when buying a welder..... You can buy too small but you can't buy too big. If the 252 won't strap you then go for it. However, don't forget that you can always multipass for those occasional jobs that are thicker so the 212 might be all that you need.


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        Oh just a bushhog,scrape blade, plow,disc, you know just the basics,nothing special. I think my scrape is where I ran into the 1/2" thick metal once when it broke. The price of the MM252 will be what holds me back on it now, hard to justify to the wife 2 grand for something that Im not really going to be making my living with, especially with todays economy.I had thought about the Thunderbolt 300/200 but I really want to try a MIG welder for home. If I really need to weld something thicker I always have access to a stick welder at work.Thanks guys and see ya around.