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Wiring Plugs & Pigtails for Dynasty200

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  • Wiring Plugs & Pigtails for Dynasty200

    Got the machine home today! I've had the plugs and 10/4 wire for a week now and I MUST wire it up. I'm not an electical genius, in fact about all I can do is touch positive to negative and make fire. If you have the time, detailed descriptions are a bonus!

    Thanks for your help in advance!

    Edit : I want to use a 4 prong twist lock plug to attach machine to pigtail.
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    You're still leaving me quite a bit to guess about.

    Are you connecting to 3-phase? Are you making an adapting pigtail to go from a certain plug on the machine to a different receptacle on the wall?


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      Yes, adaptable pig tails. What other specific information do you need? Thanks for your help!


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        3-phase vs. single phase

        I too have adopted the twist lock as the connector of choice.

        To begin with, know what kind of power is coming from the wall. Three wires implies single-phase. 4 wires implies 3-phase. Very few homes come with 3-phase power. Any serious industrial building will have 3-phase.

        It sounds like you are using a 4-wire, 10-gauge line, which would imply 3-phase power. The 4-prong twist-locks are appropriate. Be aware that there are twist locks for 110 volt as well as 220 volt. The 220 are beefier and (of course) more expensive. Always go with the 220. There are also 3-prong twist locks, for 110 and 220 as well, so look at the box closely. There are also different amp ratings on the twist-locks. The max draw on the Dynasty is 30 amps, so use that as the rating for all plugs and receptacles.

        The Dynasty can automatically switch between 110 and 220 volt, so you don't have to "rewire" it if the power source changes. Just plug and go.

        The Dynasty comes with a 4-wire with bare ends installed. Put a 4-prong male twist lock on it. This way you can also plug into a wall receptacle that has is a 4-prong twist lock.

        Then put a female 4-prong twist lock on the pig-tail.

        The Dynasty manual shows color coding for various installations. Make sure you connect the correct color wire to the correct connector. Nothing makes a welder madder than feeding it the incorrect voltage or polarity.

        I'm using the electric dryer outlet, with is 220 single phase 30 amps. I replaced the 3-prong dryer receptacle with a 3-prong twist-lock receptacle. Since I'm running single phase, I didn't use the 4th wire on the Dynasty extension cord, per the instruction manual.
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          Originally posted by Jachin View Post
          Yes, adaptable pig tails. What other specific information do you need? Thanks for your help!
          Um, well, I just asked if it was 3-phase or single phase, and you didn't say...

          The 4-wire cord, as mentioned, in this application might imply 3-phase, but experience also tells me there is just as much of a chance that it means you bought the wrong cord.

          You are adapting from what to what? The Dynasty comes with no plug, correct?

          If this is single-phase, I might guess you want a L6-30P on the Dynasty and then need to adapt it to something else? To what?

          If single-phase, you use the black and white as the hots and tape off the red, whether for 120V or 240V.