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Horse shoe art??

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  • art

    wow who would have thought that horse shoes would be as big as they are what a therad.
    That's what I need an idea


    • Having spent over 35 years in small businesses that started as hobbies and got out of hand. These type threads are a great source of info and ideas, plus that's why they have search functions on these forums. It may not be of interest to all that frequent this forum. But it will be if only a passing interest to a number of members. That is what is so great about these forums whether you are a new hobbyist or an old hand pipeliner/rig welder that is looking to fill some down time between jobs. You can find it here!
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      • horse shoe art

        Hi I have made some horseshoe art also one of the cheap ones is a beer bottle holder google bottle holders youll see


        • Originally posted by weld_13 View Post
          Well my dads in town anyways and hes not doin any work locally right now just lookin over work stuff so hes gonna be home and my mom is too anyway so I'm free to weld away anyways. I gotta think of what I want to make first though cause I only 8 shoes cause thats all I could affored. Do yall have any suggestions on what to make first?
          This is especially important as you don’t have to travel anywhere for your business meeting but you can create a business like an environment with the right tools and equipments.
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          • Take a look on the website Pintrest and search "horse shoe art". There is a large collection of really cool welding art collections on there that will get your ideas goin. That's where I find a lot of my inspiration for new metal art projects
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