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Ring Roller design

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    Lets see some pics of that roller Portable welder.


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      Thanks Mark

      I'd never heard the term "piano hinge" before

      Well it's the term my shop teacher used to describe a long hinge of that type.
      I guess some version of it is used on the tops of pianos - I can only play the radio myself BTW I took metal shop in the 1950s so maybe it's called something else now

      I'm building a bench to hold projects for welding with my new MM180 which welds rings around my old Lincoln.

      Another newbie question. I keep reading people buying stuff from a place they refer to as HF - wazzat? (I know I'll kick myself when I hear the answer).

      Thanks for posting the picture of your bench.


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        HF is Harbor Freight DrBob.

        Some of there stuff is a level below China made. But for some disposable tools it will get you by.

        Went there to get chip brushes...walked by the air comp stuff and though **** need a quick chuck so I bought a pack. Third time I released the tool from it, it flew apart...wild hose about took the family jewels. That's kinda HF in a nut shell.


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          Nut shell............I get it
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            Originally posted by etonline View Post


            Ed H, what are the adjustment distances on yours?

            I was thinking I'd start with the first adjustment at about 5" with 3" wheels. And go about every 2.5".


            Ed--Vertical adjustmant range in mine is about 5". Horizontal spacing for the un-driven rolls is 10, 15, or 20". These weren't from any calculation. Just seemed about right.



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              Originally posted by 67chevelle View Post
              Ed H, that's a pretty slick roller you've got. Similar design to what I built.

              Ed, The drive wheel on mine is 4" and the bottom rollers are 1.5". TO do some tighter radius arches, I think I can get the bottom rollers down to 7-8" apart.

              Likewise, Mark. Yes, I guess great minds think alike.

              I'm not sure why I went with the large bottom rollers--just made all three the same, I guess. I really like the idea of the split collars to hold alignment--simple and adjustable, too.