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Ring Roller design

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  • Ring Roller design

    I am getting ready to build a ring roller.

    How does the relationship of distance between the lower wheels affect things?

    What distance are yours?


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    What are you planning on rolling?. The thicker the metal the farther apart the rollers need to be. I have one roller with the centers of the rollers at 2" and one roller where they are farther apart but adjustable...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Can you be more specific? What size rings and what material size will the rings be made of. Will there be just one material drive wheel? If one drive wheel, let's say, on top and two free rolling wheels below.......the closer the lower wheels are together, the tighter the bend per turn but it will take more grip from the drive wheel or it may just slip and deface the material. Need more info. Ring rollers come in all sizes.
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        I was planning one drive wheel on top and two below style. I was planning on using 3" dia. wheels

        As for material, I was hoping to get alot of bang for my buck.

        One project is 18 to 24" circles out of 1/4 round. But I was hoping to be able to go up to 14 GA 1" sq for just and arc.

        If I make the wheels adjustable, should I make the adjustments on a 1" schedule? From 4" centers to 6 or 8" centers?

        Thanks for the know the six P's rule.



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          i bought two one from ebay witch does up to 2"x3/8
          it was around $150 and one from HF for $70 and does
          1"x3/16 and 1/4 round use 1/4 round to make
          wine racks
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            Yeah I bought the HF one and it just scars the rod up and doesn't seem to work all that well. So I thought I'd buid one.

            Nice verdigris on the winerack....I assume it's iron. What did you use to color it?


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              Here's a link to an arch roller I specifically built to arch 14 and 16 gauge 1" square tubing for ornamental railing, fencing, and gate work. The bottom 2 rollers can be adjusted from 14" to 26" apart. I'm going to add some additional slots that allow me to adjust them closer than 14" when I get time. I've been using it only for arches, and it works really well.




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                Here's another example similar of a shop-built roll bender:



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                  Thanks Mark & Ed H. Both are very smooth tools. I doubt mine will be that slick.

                  That was pretty much my toughts for the side plates to be adjustable.

                  Mark how much closer than 14" are you going to go?

                  Ed H, what are the adjustment distances on yours?

                  I was thinking I'd start with the first adjustment at about 5" with 3" wheels. And go about every 2.5".

                  Thanks for the great input guys.



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                    Ed H, that's a pretty slick roller you've got. Similar design to what I built.

                    Ed, The drive wheel on mine is 4" and the bottom rollers are 1.5". TO do some tighter radius arches, I think I can get the bottom rollers down to 7-8" apart.



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                      Thanks for the help Mark.

                      I was going to use and under bottle jack but after looking at your two different designs.....I'm thinking on top with a all thread might be easier and better.


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                        I built a 36" plate roller that I use by hand, it works great Its only been done for a few months so I dont know all of its capacities but we did roll some 1/2 x 6 plate and 36" of 10 gage, obviously not in 1 pass but working it back and forth gets the job done.


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                          Wow 1/2 X 6 by must have some big arms

                          Mind sharing a pic?


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                            Beautiful Work!

                            67 chevelle I went to the shopfloortalk forum and reviewed your beautiful project. I got about 5 projects just from seeing the pictures of your shop!
                            Beautiful work on the roller. I think I'll start with a welding bench similar to the one pictured. Yours seems to have a drawer supported by some angle stock resting on the square tubing frame. Is it a sliding drawer? What is the purpose of the piano hinge? Is that 1/2" plate on the top? Thanks for any help you can provide! BTW I signed up over at shopfloortalk and used '67 chevelle' as the referring member and got 'invalid referrer'. Maybe I spelled you wrong or put in an extra blank space. DrBob


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                              The cart you're referring to is a small roll around work cart.

                              The drawer you see is a fold down table that used to be in a mail truck. I used some drawer slides to mount a couple of them under the tops of some carts I built.

                              I'd never heard the term "piano hinge" before ( I gotta get out more )

                              The hinge is the backside of the drawer, I just didn't take it off before I mounted the drawer.

                              The top is 1/4", It's only meant for the light duty stuff.

                              Here's a better image of the one I use for my TIG machine
                              ( I know.. It's red , both of my MIG's are blue though)