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Maxstar 150STL - Error and Query

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  • Maxstar 150STL - Error and Query

    I've a quick question on my Maxstar. I've been doing a bunch of overhead welding (in awkward positions) and I've found that if I fail to start the arc properly and stick / short circuit - sometimes my Maxstar will start to flash the ready light and there is no weld output until I shut it off and wait 10 secs for it to reset - then power it back up. (Won't reset on its own)

    I've read the manual and there is nothing mentioned about this "error" condition - it seems like it is probably a self-protection mechanism for the short and likely normal - just wondering if others' units do the same thing?

    As it only seems to happen when I turn the juice down a bit for overheads - and especially with a shaky hand on an awkward reach into a corner, I'm not too worried about it. I know the solution is clean starts and a steady hand (I wish!) or a bit more juice - but it does get old crawling out from under to flip the power off and back on.

    Do others folks' units do the same thing?

    Actually - while we're on the manual - what does the "Adaptive Hot Start and DIG circuitry" do for me? They sound impressive but there is absolutely nothing in the manual that describes what they do!

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    Similar problem different machine.

    I think you are probably on the right track with your short protection idea. Our newer welders at work, Lincoln CV-300's, will do the same if you short out the tip to the work . None of the breaker resets will work, you have have to turn the power off and on again. It can be annoying, but look at it this way, it's better than your pried and joy frying a circut board. That would definately ruin a guys day.
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