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Need a TIG weld critique

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  • Need a TIG weld critique

    I finally got a chance to down load a some shots of some tig welds I did last week. Its 1/8th inch angle iron butt welds using 3/32 filler, 1/16th tungstan, 11cfm and about 85 amps. Please take a look and tell me what you think. I know I still have a lot to work on; I would like to know what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong.

    Please don't pull any punches tell me what you think


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    My opinions..

    The undercutting on your outside corner weld is unacceptable. It almost looks like you did not add any filler rod at all, and/or ran too hot. Try adding more filler rod and adjust heat as necessary. You need to end up with a slightly convex or at least flat bead, no concave or undercut beads.

    Your other bead looks very inconsistent. You need to keep your torch hand stable and move it smoothly as you run the bead, and your filler dips need to be timed better. Consistency is the key. Practice running straight beads on flat stock to get some experience running a steady torch and dipping consistenly and the right amount. PRactice, practice, practice

    I personally would use a 3/32" tungsten and 1/16" filler rod.

    Have fun, and post up some more pics when you get a chance.


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      I clicked on the link, page came up and it's frozen on my screen. I can't close it out. Just froze up. Luckily I can click back to the forum or anything else on the computer...But when I click back , it's still a frozen blank page. Can't turn off my compute like this. Running Windows XP. Any ideas?
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        WOW!!! What M1 said We know what it's like, so PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE
        My only TIG experience is from coupons in school with alum and stainless.
        So after a LONG time, looked really good...too bad no pics of them
        When I get my TIG set up, I'll show pics and help you guys help me improve!!!
        I'm not late...
        I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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          M1.30-'06 has the same thoughts as I do. first pics look more like you just fused them together and the last one needs more consistency and a steady hand. Like M1.30-'06 said have fun with it and practice, practice, practice. Dave
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            Penetration looks ok. You need to add more filler with each dab. Instead of 3/32 filler and 1/16 tung, try 3/32 tung and 1/16 filler. Also, get some blocks of wood, sandbags, or whatever is available to use as a rest for your arms to hold them steady as you weld. Get in a comfortable position and do a "dry" run with the torch to make sure you can do the entire bead from that position and have at it. Stay consistent with the movement of the torch, heat, and the filler added with each dab. Take your time, don't try to hurry a TiG weld.