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How do you polish stainless ??

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    Mark I polish SS almost every day so it is very do-able.

    I think the problem you're having with the tubing is you keep going the same general direction with it held in a chuck. You really need to cross in an X shape sand down one leg of the X then the next grit sand like down the other leg.

    Also I hardly ever use scotch brite for a finish step. With a 3hp balder you will probably need to get out around 600 to 1000 grit.....IF you have a sisial wheel and SS compound.


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      Thanks everybody I have learned alot.

      It is no dought true after you factor the time and cost of abrasives that rough finish material is not really that cheap, however I like having odd shapes and sizes of stuff around just beacause, and this is not my primary means of income.

      I spent more time sanding and polishing yesterday, I was able to achive a very bright shine (But as had been mentioned by others) their are grain lines that just did'nt go away, obviously this is a very painstaking process.
      Yes polished S/S will scratch very easily Ohh no - after all that work



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        How do you polish stainless

        I have done a lot of stainless steel polishing. Before I take any rouge with the buffing wheel, depending on the surface finish already, I like to use the Scotchbrite SST wheels, EXL and or light deburring wheels. I use a Baldor buffer and stand for some of the small items and use hand, air and electric hand polishers. After the Scotchbrite wheels I then use the cotton buffing wheels with varying compounds.
        The one project I am doing right now is changing my water system for my filters, softener, iron filter, UV light, etc in the house to 1" SS tubing. Polished all the stainless tubes and fittings. Used sanitiary fittings for easy break downs for yearly cleaning. I even crimped my own hose ends (can't stand hose clamps). Could post pictures if interested.


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          welcome to the site technodive.
          we always want pic's !!!
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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            sure lets see some pics


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              Do you even have to ask!? Post em up! Always interested in seeing other people's work.
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                here is a ss motorcycle rotor polished.....Note no scotch brite was harmed in this polishing

                You can see reflections on the surface...the white mark about 10:00 or so is a reflection of the web cam.
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