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Thunderbolt blues arise again!!

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  • Thunderbolt blues arise again!!

    Hmmmm... this doesn't look good for the ol' Thunderbolt guys. I had been welding quite a bit earlier today. Nothing large, just a few 3"-8" beads on a bumper that I was fabbing for my jeep. After each weld I would stop chip off the slag an wire brush everything- thus giving the machine a break. Usually I come nowhere close to hitting the max limit of my duty cycle. I turned it off while I went inside for a half hour or so then... when I came back out to put the finishing touches on the bumper. Nothing. Well nothing but a LOUD hum coming from the welder, almost as if it was under a heavy load. Quite a few amps running through her. Didn't even try to weld as this was surely not a good thing. Any ideas as to what the problem is? Everything worked fine when I shut it off. Its only now that I turn it on that It does this. Blows the breaker quite easily.


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    check the ends of your plug / ext cord as over time they will build up a varnish and will cause a draw....also if your leads are wrapped on the machine ie a handle etc. check them and make sure there are no cuts etc in the insulation.....
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      check the diodes


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        I had a similar problem, it turned out to be the lead connections inside the machine. Take the cover off and check the lead sockets, I had a fiber washer that was broken in half from a terminal being tighented too tight, and shorted out the welding current. My machine was an older one, however you might strike lucky.

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