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a 35 cent weld, look at the row of nickels

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    What would happen if you made a HUGE art project using nickels, dimes or quarters, then sold that "sculpture" for $5,000 or more???
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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      Originally posted by Bert View Post you remember the Richard Pryor movie that he was some accountant and had all the change on someone's bank accounts go to him?...
      That was the only good part in Superman III.


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        "Nickels, Dimes & Pennies"

        I think I'll play it safe, and practice on a row of fender washers
        "Bonne journe'e mes amis"


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          Hah, they were talking on the radio news this morning about some guy in New Jersey who has a $50 traffic ticket and had gone to the bank to purposely get $50 in pennies to pay it with. The court REFUSED the payment, and now he's in bigger trouble... And of course, the idiots on the news don't do any friggin research before they start with their opinions...


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            "Pennies From Heaven"

            MAC702: That's pretty bad when a Municipal Court WON"T accept US Currency (though be it coins) for payment! But,they'll gladly accept PLASTIC

            "The End is Nearer Than We Think............."

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              The old "won't take pennies" thing has been around for a long time. One guy sued because some government office would not take his pennies. Went all the way to the Supreme Court. The final ruling was that they don't have to take pennies because pennies are NOT legal tender. Nickels and up are.



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                GilaSlim: I'd like to read that ruling, I just looked at the "4 coins" and I couldn't find anywhere on them minted "legal tender," just "face" value. as Artie Johnson used to say: "Verrry Intresting!"

                "Bonne journe'e mes amis"


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                  That was somewhere over 30 years ago that I read an article in the newspaper. Don't know where you would find it now. Things may have changed.



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                    There's always a loophole:

                    Coinage Act of 1965, specifically Section 31 U.S.C. 5103, entitled "Legal tender," which states: "United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues."

                    This statute means that all United States money as identified above are a valid and legal offer of payment for debts when tendered to a creditor. There is, however, no Federal statute mandating that a private business, a person or an organization must accept currency or coins as for payment for goods and/or services. Private businesses are free to develop their own policies on whether or not to accept cash unless there is a State law which says otherwise. For example, a bus line may prohibit payment of fares in pennies or dollar bills. In addition, movie theaters, convenience stores and gas stations may refuse to accept large denomination currency (usually notes above $20) as a matter of policy.


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                      "Wooden Nickels"

                      Pumpkinhead: I went to the US Treasury website, and read the exact same article. Interesting how this thread went from pics of coins welded together to this. Gives new meaning to "Welding Education."

                      "Bonne journe'e mes amis"


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                        "federal resrve"

                        I challenge anyone to show me where the "federal reserve" is a government entity?

                        Had to ask?


                        HOTsdale AZ


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                          Pennies are legal tender, just happened recently..cops were involved and everything.

                          Ben Y


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                            Originally posted by turboglenn View Post
                            Especially the boxers/panties...that's liek saying.."leave a skidmark on our nations symbol of freedom"

                            My wife's military, i grew up military and although some think it silly i have a great respect for our flag. SHe won't fly in bad weather, she's enver tangled and she's always proudly displayed and lit up out front of my house

                            Although i don't agree with our governments hacked version of what they think the constitution allows THEM to do, i am proud of my country and would stand behind her till my death! Unfortunately i cna't serve in the armed forces because i was already crippled too much for them to take me when i tried to enlist, but if they ever take "volunteers" for a "bad situation", i'm right there.

                            Sorry to go OT..carry on :P
                            I dunno... I agree in taking pride in our country's flag. I have buried lots of friends in its defense as have many others. I was military, as was my father and grandfather, and my other grandfather was Royal Engineer for the Brits in WWII. I love this country, but when I see a nicely filled flag bikini the ONLY thing I think is "God bless America!"
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                              Originally posted by turboglenn View Post
                              I was working on this the other say when the nickle/dime thread was active, then it dissapeared.. so here they are

                              \actually a little trickier than i imagined, this was all a series of tacks as these things melt away FAST!
                              That, my friends, is what is known as "PRICELESS".

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                                Originally posted by KB Fabrications View Post
                                You sir are in big trouble!!! Defacing US currency is a crime.
                                The Federal Reserve scam.
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