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need tips for bending 1/4" plate

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  • need tips for bending 1/4" plate

    Hi everyone,

    I am planning on building a new bumper for the front of my 96 ram.I would like to replicate one from Buckstop bumpers.Here is the address to the classic style bumper that i plan to fabricate.

    My question comes about the best way to bend the 1/4" steel for the bumper to get the radius bend like they have at the top and bottom edges?I have a press not sure what the width is.Most likely a 24" or 30"between the uprights.
    I thought that i could build some sort of die set with heavy angle with the V up.Then use a round shaft with the radius that i would like and thenpress down on the steel.I would have to do proabably 2 pieces for the front center then weld them together for the width needed.
    I don't know how soon this project will happen ,but I want plan ahead for what i need to fabricate tool wise to make it happen.
    Any ideas for me?Am i on the right track?

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    you don't want to pay $1700 for $130 with of steel? anyway you might just want to ask around local fab shop and have the pieces bent. the bigger top radius is done in a press break with a half round die.
    you can try to do it a cut pipe and sold round bar. but time and cost you might be better off just having the pieces made. try putting a post on craigslist for some one that works in a sheet metel shop and do it as a side job. then you just weld it all together.
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      VIN-MAN Welding yeah, I don't see any reason to pay $1700 for something i can build.I wish i had a press brake they are awesome.I have used the one at work once i think.Mainly use the 10' leaf brake.I wish i had access to all the equipment at work.

      I could try and rip some pipe ,and then use some shafting to make an upper die.

      Iron Head are you proposing to just rip the pipe and use it for the radius transition from the front to the top bumper.This i had thought of also.I could rip the pipe with my plasma cutter.
      I have a friend with a fab shop ,but i have never been to it.I just hate to travel to get this done when i think i can do it at my shop.Nesescity is the mother of invention


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        Lay out the sheet you want to bend and mark it with a sharpie. Then, on the back side cut about half way through with a cut off wheel. Bend by hand and weld the joint (skip weld is fine). If you want more of a radius put two cuts about 1/4" apart, then bend and weld.


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          ive done this alot and it turns out nice


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            How 'bout heating with a torch and bending it over a piece of pipe.


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              Originally posted by Iron Head
              Not exactly!
              Use a ripped piece of pipe at the top and bottom of the bumper. Just use a 1/4-section of the pipe. Then weld your front plate to the cut / riped edge of the pipes, to form a shape like this [ ,same thing with the top plate.

              I couldn't find the pictures I was looking for, there are a couple welding bed build threads on the AWS forum that are perfect examples of what I'm trying to say. There is one in particular, the guy uses riped pipe for the upper and lower part of his bed just like these bumpers you're interested in, and all around the wheel wells. He did a fantastic job of cutting and fitting, a true craftsmen!
              Like I said, lot of work, but it can be done!

              My first thought was to have a shop with a break do it too. But having them do only one the price most likely will be staggering!
              Yeah this is what I meant.We're on the same track.Just use a 1/4 of the pipe for the verticle front to top transition(bend).I might have to go that way.
              I also though about the idea of slitting the back side of the plate with my Metabo to help bend it.That would save alot of welding.I still have the problem of actually getting it clamped up and bent.The heaviest table i have now only has a 10 gauge top on it.
              I am getting layed off at the end of next week so I am going to see if the boss would let me bend some steel and haul it out when i take all my toolboxs home.


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                My steel supplier charges out brake time at $65 per hour 1 hour minimum. They could probably brake this under the minimum. It never hurts to ask your fab shop.

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