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Tool for rolling sheetmetal?

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  • Tool for rolling sheetmetal?

    I want to make a rollpan for my 1994 GMC sonoma, and I'm too cheap to buy one from the states, and I want to make it myself. However it has a rather slight arc, I'm not sure how I'd roll the sheetmetal... I don't have a brake or whatnot, or a sheetmetal roller.. I can't remember the name for it..
    Is there something I can easily build to roll sheetmetal? Or should I just roll it around a piece of pipe or someting?

    Heres the arc I need..

    I may put a license plate box in the rollpan, or in the tailgate.. not sure which...

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    roll it by hand around a lamp post or piece of pipe anything round really, if you cant find anything hit up a lumber yard you can by those rounded 6x4 pressure treated post/log things. Its only gonna be 20 or 22 ga I imagine, shouldn't be too hard to bend
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      I've done a lot of classic mopar restoration work and if it wasn't something that needed to have a stretcher/shrinker used on it (like a tight curve with a lip or something) then we would use pieces of wood or the sandbags they make to put in your car in the winter for weight and then beat the metal with a rubber mallet or sand hammer. For an arch like that i would just get the lumber mentioned above, roll what you can by hand and then if there's an area that needs to be tighter radius, use a mallet.

      We always started with 18 gauge sheet becasue you will need to grind the welds to clean it up before filler and paint and the 18 leaves you a little more meat once you're done shaping, fitting, welding, and grinding.

      Shouldn't be too hard once you start on it, good luck!
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        I got the fab shop here to bend this up, they didn't have a roller wide enough to roll it for me though.

        Don't mind the mess. We used to have a garage that was the size of the house we have now.