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A scroll bender and a brake.

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  • A scroll bender and a brake.

    A couple of projects that I'm happy with.

    Using an image that I got from one of the welding forums, I built these two scroll benders. They work great on 3mm rectangular and round bar.

    Based on the work-plan in the projects section of this website, I built a small brake as a test of concept. I have most of the stock needed to make a 1m long version of this... heavier everything...

    A few more pictures of my welding journey follow these images on my website:

    Thanks for looking,
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    A couple more pictures of the brake...



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      Some nice little projects.. Inspires me to make a small brake for the tiny auto fab stuff i seem to do so much of. I usually just make a temporary one with plates, a vice, some more plate and a few pairs of vice grips, but it sometimes isn't as accurate as i'd like to be and tend to waste some material if i don't notice when the part gets out of squar during clamping

      You should give yourself more credit on your website, I thought everything looked reasonably well, the photo cube was a bit inconsistant but still not bad for just messing around learning TIG.

      I have to say i really liked your clock, sure it wasn't completely symetrical but it was overall very nice looking and i think i may start a clock project as well here soon. I've been working on small decorative stuff to try and sell at retail gardening stores and such around here and although they aren't teh best to me the people buying them seem to love what is given (but they aren't being critics on the welds either) I'm always looking for more ideas on garden/home decor pieces that are simple to make
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