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what grit for sharpening tungsten??

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  • what grit for sharpening tungsten??

    ok so i decided the best solution for me is going to be a diamond 6" wheel for my grinder to do my sharpening. price per function it seems the best option. so what grit would be the best option?? i was thinking of maybe getting 2 wheels one for quick clean up and one for a nice finish. but may need to stick to just one for $$ reasons.
    so if you were getting 2 disks what grit for quick clean and what for finish ?
    if you could only have one what grit would it be??
    i found a guy on e-pay with decent prices on 1"X6" disks, purity good on 8"ers also but i only have 6" grinders, so its 6"X1" for me.
    i will be only using 2% lanthanated for my TA-185 (inverter) so dust is not a huge health issue with proper grinding precautions.

    the sharpy would be my first choice but its just out of my $ range, i'm having enough trouble justifying keeping the TIG so huge expenses right now just are not going to happen. maybe later if i ever get it to make some $$

    so what do you think for disk grits??
    2 disk option???
    1 disk option ??

    thanks for the help.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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    True grit

    For 2 disks, I vote 60 grit for clean-up and 240 for finish.

    For 1 disk, I vote 80 grit. (Then save up for the 240 grit. )

    Even if the 80 grit is the only disk you have, the finish will be usable. The grinding wheel at the school shop is probably 50 grit, and will do in a pinch. I've seen guys use the belt sander if the grinder is being used. (Not a recommended practice since there no way of knowing what metal has been sanded on it. Contamination is not the TIG welders friend.)

    As you have said, the direction of the grind (along the length of the electrode) is important.
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      Save a buck where ya can.......

      What I've done is put a TIG electrode in the drill press, then shape the point with a new/dedicated wheel on my angle grinder. Then rub it with a new spot of 220 wet or dry sand paper to polish it. Get it out of the press and clean the point with a shot of carberator cleaner on a paper towel.

      I may not be smart enough to know how bad I'm screwing up,
      but that seems to work OK for me.

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        Hey Winger Ed,

        Check out this link for some info that may help.
        Download there free booklet on How-To.

        Diamond Ground Products Offers the Best Tungsten Electrodes & Tungsten Grinders in The Welding Industry. ☎ 805-498-3837

        Hope this helps too.
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          THANKS A LOT!!! I downloaded it, and will print it out when I get more black ink tomorrow
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            very!!! smiley!!!!!!!!!!
            I'm not late...
            I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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              Glad to...

              No problem, Bert.

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