I am kinda short on space to work and store stuff. From what I have read here I am not the only one in this situtation. Maybe this will help someone maybe not. If so I'm glad an idea or part of an idea could help someone.

Yup right in front of the wash sink. Like I said I am cramped.

This seems to work pretty good so far. After I made the base and the hinge I decided that this may be a decent place for my drill bits. So I found some scrap sheet metal and a couple pieces of angle and this is what I came up with. After bending the sheet metal I decided that having a break would make short work out of what I spent way to long doing. I know the paint job is poor at best but its painted for now. Also no I did not run out of paint for the drawer, I thought it may be less of a pain in the rear then trying to find bits in a black drawer.