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  • Looking for Project Ideas for Students

    Hello - I am brand new to this site and I am hoping some people out there would help me get some project ideas for my high school students. I teach in a northern suburb of Chicago and I am always looking for easy projects for my students to create. I have a few MIG welders and Oxyfuel welders for students to use. I dont pretend to be an expert welder, however I am always looking to improve my skills and my students skills. Please feel free to send pics or plans to my school email address:

    Thank you in advance....

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    There are alot of them on this forum use the search function and view them newest to oldest.


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      Just curious.
      If you don't pretend to be an expert welder, how did you get hired to be a welding teacher?


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        I might have been rude.
        How about the little charcoal grills made from 35 lb freon bottles.
        That's what the metal shop at my high school built.
        You can probabally get an A.C. service co. you give you all the bottles you need.
        I don't have a pic. but cut the valve protecters off the top and use them for the feet.
        Cut the bottle basicaly in half from top to bottom.
        Lay it sideways.
        Two cheap cabinet hinges. Small pieces of angle to support a small piece of expanded metal for the grill.
        And small piece of flat strap for a handle for the lid.
        Weld the feet to the bottom.
        Very affordable project for a student and a school.


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          My cousin made a napkin holder at his school. You could also make a paper towel roll holder. Key ring rack. Magazine rack (bigger project). Trivet (for hot pots). Maybe some of those kokopelli men or cars from nuts and bolts. Get them to design something themselves and use their imaginations.

          "When the wise old rooster crows, the smart young rooster listens."


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            Go Broncos...

            i am a sophmore at Barrington High, and im in 'Jewelry' class currently building a 36''x8'' boat out of mild 1/4'' using the classes 2 burner forge occasionally, acytelene cutter (''cookie cutter'') and the Millermatic 175 (great machine) with .24'' solid wire and argon shield. u might know the teacher, John Anderson, he has been at BHS for like 35 years!

            nice talking to you, and we kicked New Triers *** in the 1st round of state playoffs... but thats ok, Maine South won 42-0 there last game against us.
            I do not own a welder, or any types of metal working tools. In 'Jewelery' class, i am building a forge from 1/4'' mild steel using the schools Millermatic 175 MIG. Its a great machine, once I have enough funds, i plan on purchasing a B.S. Harbor Freight TIG just to learn.kool...