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Drill press purchase.

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  • Drill press purchase.

    Going to make a purchase of a drill press for the shop.
    What features would you recommend looking for?
    What size?
    Would you stay away from 1/2hp models?

    here are two that have caught my eye so far.


    the only difference is 1" and 1/4hp. worth spending the extra $80 for the 3/4hp 14"? Its not for all day shop use, more so workshop usage.
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    I would buy what you can afford. I have 5 of them all different sizes for different jobs...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Spindle travel needs to be at least 3 5/8" if you want to be able to drill through a 4 x 4 post in one motion without having to flip it over (or edge drilling a 2 x 4). And then the two ends never meet right. I have an old variable speed Power Kraft with 6" travel.
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        crank the table up
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          Ellis Manufacturing makes a great unit but but its pricey. I intend to get one as soon as that dream job comes along. Not looking good for the immediate future though. I think their site is
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            I have a Craftsman about the size of the larger one. It's okay, but I wish it was bigger. I can drill up to about 5/8" in steel with mine. I have larger bits, but they need a press that runs slower than mine to keep from overheating them.


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              i looked all around and found the best buy
              at home depot .com i bought a jet
              it was around $420.00 with free shipping
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                Originally posted by monte55 View Post
                crank the table up
                Nice one there
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                  I wonder what the differences are between the Busy Bee DP and a HF DP?

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                    Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
                    I wonder what the differences are between the Busy Bee DP and a HF DP?

                    Eddie, I could be wrong, but I believe Busy Bee is HF of Canada. Sorta like Ford...up there it is known by its secondary name...P.O.S.
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                      why do you say POS? Are the tools they carry that poor? The tools seem decent enough. I would classify Princess Auto as POS suppliers.