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Strange noise in Syncrowave 200

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    Phila and Ace,
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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      I have a Syncro 200 and every sound it makes is new to me.......never have tigged before. But..........when I lay down a good bead........all those sounds
      become wonderful.........THANKS Miller for the sounds. Some new guys ask on what their speed should be........not being an expert, I can relate it to running a caulking bead............don't move untill the desired amount of material is deposited. If you can move while applying in a smooth fluid movement,.....great. Just pulling a trigger does not make magic..........control makes magic. Look a KB FAB's and others welds and I'm sure they don't close
      their eyes, pull the trigger and hollar sh1tt, and hope the weld comes out OK.
      Sorry to have rattled on..............Nick

      PS not really!
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        the hissing that you hear is the spark gap on the other side of the machine.
        this is normal. its not a gas leak. I thought the same too until i did some exploring. Uncanny how an arc can sound like a gas leak....
        Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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          Originally posted by ttype View Post
          The weld puddle pops & bubbles during the weld, so post flow shouldnt be the problem
          Hey ttype,

          I know this thread was started a very long time ago, but have you ever found your problem? I have the exact same thing that just happened to me... very frustrating... Thanks, hope this message finds you