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Bobcat 225G+ where's the Serial Number

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  • Bobcat 225G+ where's the Serial Number

    Where does one find the serial number on one of these things ?

    the engine one was easy to find but ...


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    find your serial # yet?
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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      Every engine drive I've ever had, the serial was easy to find, right on the faceplate, this is going back to the early 1970's . . . .


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        Feel better -- could not find until ...

        ... i used the magic juice

        and a kitchen scratchy pad one finds

        it is hard to describe the powder this thing was covered in and
        this is the 1st Miller i've owned.

        But for $336 and my guess a couple 100 more I'll need to
        start my lessons

        Most of the story is in the description of the main picture gallery


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          Congradulations on your new welder !!!
          FANTASTIC JOB CLEANING IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I can't believe just with air, you got most of the wire/connectors that clean!!!
          I'm not late...
          I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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            easy clean

            neither can i, but then from what i was told this one never
            was outside. Where the S/N label is was about 1/8" thick
            mix of the powder and something that made it cake up to
            where i ended up having to use a kitchen scratchy pad
            for quite a few passes.

            -pete time to order up the service parts